The hate in my heart

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The hate in my heart

Post  HeatherGreenEyes on Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:33 am

My mother never had luck in finding a good man. She always
Seemed to be attracted to the bad guys. Two marriages and
one more relationship after that. All three men were physically
Abusive but my father of all was the worst. He molested me
And my sister up until I was three and she was five. He
Would put hot peooers in our mouth and put tape over our
Lips if we didn't do those nasty things. He told us that we
Weren't doing anything wrong that out was normal. But he
Threatened if we told on him he would kill our mommy
And grandparents. But one day as me and my sister were
At our grandparents house, our mother wad in the hospital
Giving birth to our brother. Daddy was supposed to
Come get us that night and take us to see baby brother,
But he never showed up. That night my sister told grandma
What daddy was doing to us. She immediately called the police
And he ended up in prison.

I tell this story to ask parents to listen to your children
Talk to them and let them know right from wrong in
All aspects if life.

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