Endurance=In Do ing

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Endurance=In Do ing

Post  ms. LeeD on Fri Nov 04, 2011 10:06 am

Sometimes because of the frustrations of life,I find myself wanting to scream,but then I reflect on my dear loving,wise and strong mama. That woman taught me with words sure every mother does,most importantly she showed how to withstand the surprises living brings,how to endure the various pains,whether physical,emotional or mental,even when you're comforted by all three at the same time.SMILE,recall the memory of yesteryear,remember the joy of holding your baby(whether your first born or your fifth,whether you are blessed to still have the gift from Jehovah or you were blessed to have him/her briefly)SMILE because you are living to recieve blessings. LAUGH, and believe me if you take the time to look you have much DAILY to belly laugh about. CRY, yes it's okay,because tears release,whatever it is that pains you stresses you, worries you SMILING,LAUGHING,CRYING really makes it better.Mama in her life showed me,showed anyone blessed to come in her presence,that reliance on self gets you nowhere but stuck with your problems,your pain, family,friends and Almighty God helps you ENDURE! So In doing SOMETHING you ENDURE everything!!

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