sunday may 1 2011 the oklahoman

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sunday may 1 2011 the oklahoman

Post  viola1936 on Mon May 02, 2011 2:37 am

children Lead face fo change by paul monies minority children are now the majority among chidern in 11 oklahoma counties, inchuding oklahoma county the state;s Largest county. That s' big change from a decade ago When just four oklahoma counties had majority-minority child populations hipaanic childern and children of two or more races accouted for most of the state's under 18 population growth in the last decade, according to an analyssis of census data by the oklahoman aiso, the racial gap has Widened between children and aduits, another indication of a demographi shift that could change the face of oklahoan in al-most half of the state , s counties, the gap between the share of white aduits and White childern exceeds the statewide average of 17 flower

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