THE OKLAHOMAN 12-14-2010 KICKSTANDS on Route 66

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THE OKLAHOMAN 12-14-2010 KICKSTANDS on Route 66

Post  viola1936 on Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:01 am

Kickstands on Route 66 Two buddies have realized their dream of a motorcycle museum in an old Route 66 filling station. on The Road/ BIKER BUDDIES REALIZE DREAM AT HISTORIC FILLING STATION WARWICK- Gerald Tims likes old motorcycles.Jerry Ries likes anything old. That's theshort version of how two biker buddies ended up owning an old filling station on a lonely stretch of State Highway 66,Today, Seaba Station,as the 5,000-square-foot brick building listed on the National Register of Historic Places is called these days, is a motorcycle museum that houses about 75 vintage motorcycles, most from a collection puy together by Tims. 'That's part of the fun of owning it, letting people see it'', he said. '' I couldn't tell you how many private collections there are in this country that nobody ever gets to see.'' The long version; About 25 years ago' Tims boughts a 1953 James motorcycle, similar to one his father rode. hen he bought an-other interesting old bike. sunny

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